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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu

May your Journey in Life be Full of Magnificent Possibilities!

Hours Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7pm, Saturday 9:30-11:30am
Location 4808 Courthouse Street, Suite 208, Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone (757) 645-3545

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Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is designed to better your way of Life.                                                                                       

We teach Wing Chun to improve and strengthen your Spirit, Mind, and Body!

There are many versions of this historical account.  This is just one of them.  Wing Chun Kung Fu is a form of martial arts that originated in China about three hundred years ago in the early 1700's.  This art of kung fu was born from a need for a revolutionary army to overthrow the Ching monarchy.  Five masters pulled their expertise from each of their styles to create a more efficient and effective fighting art.  Only the necessary combat elements were included in this new combat art. They condensed the training time from a minimum of 20 years for mastery, to a maximum of 5 years for the new art. A very petite female named Miss Yim Wing Chun founded the system we know today; and thus, the use of strength is not needed,  or in many cases less desired.  Hence, the system could be designed for any body structure, large or small.  The system is based upon many scientific principles, not purely symbolism.  The Wing Chun system is designed to be extremely direct and to the point, contrary to most other systems that use circular theories in their techniques.  The Wing Chun system uses only lines, which is the shortest distance between two points, for maximum effectiveness.

There are eight fundamental theories that are essential to the understanding of Wing Chun.

1.  Axis Pole              5.  Central Plane Area

2.  Center Plane        6.  Six Gates

3.  Central Plane       7.  5 Ranges of Combat

4.  Reciprocal Plane   8.  5 Stages of Combat

The eight theories will enable the practitioner to fully understand and resolve any combat situation.  With this, the practitioner will have the skills and academics to create your own personal Kung Fu.

Countless other systems out there show numerous amounts of techniques or movements.  In most cases, these systems rarely understand or use any of these techniques in combat.  The goal of the Wing Chun system is to gain the skill and understanding of why, when, and how to use your movements.  This system is a remarkably basic or simple approach to combat, though on the other hand, it is not a skill easily acquired.  It takes tenacity and a great deal of practice and discipline.

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