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Creative Living in New Town

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New Town a New Vision

It's time for a move to New Town, Williamsburg's "new urbanism" community which blends residential neighborhoods with restaurants, offices, boutiques, a 12-plex cinema and entertainment. .. just a walk away.

New Town is designed to be all things to all people. For the professional set, stylish apartments in a central location. For young families, welcoming homes in a quiet neighborhood setting. For retired seniors who want to sell their lawnmowers, smart condo living and an escape from yard maintenance. For businesses on the rise, state-of-the-art office space. And for anyone who appreciates life to the fullest, New Town is a festival of the senses.

New Town is a new way of life. A spontaneous Chardonnay with friends. Chic habitats. Sophisticated gadgets and time-savers. And, yes, night life! All waiting for you.

Healthy Choice

How do you get to your doctor? You walk. What about your lunch date? Ride your bicycle. New Town is designed to be a healthy choice. Not only do you have health services right in your neighborhood, you're near state-of-the-art hospitals and medical care. And you're right in the middle of excellent facilities for exercising, tennis, swimming, soccer, boating, and walking along Williamsburg's Duke of Gloucester Street, one of the most beautiful spots in America. But why leave home? Right here in New Town are swimming pools, parks, and the Community Building for parties, seminars and gatherings.



When you are a resident of New Town, you get to enjoy the privileges of the pool! With a swimming lane and a fun waterfall for the kids, people of all ages can enjoy the New Town pool!










Right by the pool is a modern playground, for kids of all ages! Drop off your child while you go for a swim, or stop and play for an hour or two while you are on a walk. Another playground is located right in the heart of the neighborhood. 









Walking Trails

Go out into nature! New Town has walking trails that connect the residential and commercial side of New Town. Soon the trails will encompass New Town, allowing residents to walk all the way around their hometown!

There are many different neighborhoods and styles of homes that New Town has to offer! Contact Twiddy Realty for more information on the homes that are available for sale or for rent! Also, check out all the real estate businesses located right in New Town, that can help you find the perfect place to live!

New Town Condominiums

Abbey Commons

Chelsea Green

Savannah Square

Charlotte Park

Federal Towns

Parks Edge

Townhomes on the Green

Village Walk

Shirley Park

Check out our Community Events

New Town Commercial Association
4801 Courthouse St.
Williamsburg VA, 23188

New Town is Williamsburg's vibrant 365-acre community where people play, work and live. With more than 170 shops and restaurants to choose from, a host of service businesses and a charming main street, New Town really is Your Town.

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