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Rare is the community where so many opportunities are all in one spot, no matter one’s preferences. But they exist, and there’s one in Williamsburg, Virginia that stands out, even among its remarkable peers. No matter your station in life, New Town Williamsburg offers a range of options and advantages to cultivate an ideal lifestyle, whatever that means to you. Places to live, work, shop and play are all here. A pool, playground and walking trails are among the many amenities.

Welcome to New Town

An exceptional Virginia community lets residents cultivate their ideal lifestyle, no matter how they choose to make it. New Town Williamsburg integrates features such as sidewalks, street lamps and benches to allow residents to live an active lifestyle and connect with one another.

Interactive Lifestyle

Many of New Town’s defining attributes attract clients who want to lead active and interactive lifestyles. For starters, it’s not a one-size-fits-all design. The whole idea of a New Urbanism community is that there are numerous ways to live. Some people want to be homeowners, while others prefer tenancy. There are smaller homes for families starting out or downsizing, and larger ones for those who need space. Duplexes do it for some home hunters, and some prefer condos while others prefer luxury apartments. There are even non-traditional options, such as the live-above, which is situated over a shop or restaurant.

The qualities that define a high standard of living – shopping, dining, entertainment, personal needs and medical services – are not only nearby, they’re within walking distance. That offers numerous venues to gather with friends or treat oneself on a whim. It creates a setting where it’s easy to swing into a shop for a specific item when walking home from an appointment – one of countless scenarios that require a bit of planning in a more traditional community where homes, offices and retail are separate.

Many people who work in New Town live there, too because in New Town, unlike many other suburban communities, the streets are alive.

Home Types

There are many different living styles and opportunities that New Town has to offer!

The New Town Residential Association consists of single family detached homes or attached townhomes. These neighborhoods include:

Abbey Commons

Chelsea Green

Savannah Square

Charlotte Park

Village Walk

Shirley Park

Pogonia Towns

The New Town Commercial Association includes condos (for purchase) and apartments (for rent), as well as a Senior Living, Retirement & Assisted Living Residential Facility :

New Town Center Street Condos

5121 Center Street Condos

Bennington on the Park Condos

Foundation Square Condos

Chelsea Corner Condos

The Pointe at New Town apartments

Edgeworth Park at New Town

For all New Construction Sales in New Town, please contact New Town Sales Center at Twiddy Realty .

New Town Listings

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